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Improve your social awareness...

Learn to improve your social skills and stay safe in an urban environment.

Learn how to make decisions...

It’s not always about right versus wrong, sometimes decisions are more complicated.

Have fun at home!

Urban Jungle Game takes place in the Emerald City of Seattle!

Introduction About Urban Jungle Education Game

Urban Jungle is a choose-your-own-adventure game that asks you to read and make decisions. You’ll learn to spot the difference between safe and unsafe situations and how to respect strangers around you.

Game Info (Children ages 7-12)

Start out at the streetcar at Broadway Ave E and Pike St. Then you’ll head up Broadway to Phoenix Comics & Games, RocketFizz Candy Shop, ride the Metro bus, and more! Once you reach Roanoke Park at the end of 10th Ave E, you’ll meet up with your friends and be more aware of the potential dangers of the Urban Jungle!

Game Info (Parents & Guardians)

We created Urban Jungle Game to meet the need for resources that help parents and guardians teach children what to do in urban social situations. Although these situations can happen any time and any day of the week that they are out in an urban environment, we’ve chosen to focus on after school.

As people with children in our lives (parents, aunts, and siblings) we want to educate children ages 7-12 about a variety of social situations ranging from what to do when a stranger approaches them on the street to what to do if they see sharp needles on the ground. We hope our choose-your-own-adventure game will be a tool you can use to talk to children about these issues and more.

To play this game, children log on and input their name. Along with their parent or guardian, they read through the text prompts and options for their journey. Each choice progresses the child into familiar and unfamiliar situations. The objective of the game is to encourage strong decision-making.
We sincerely hope that you will join your child in this adventure and talk with them about the importance of decision-making in an urban environment.

Our team

We’re a group of career-driven individuals who attend Seattle Central College. We have interests in web design, development, game creation, and marketing. We also all have children in our lives and care about the city of Seattle.


William Fisher

Game Coding/Documentation


Catherine Blake Smith

Content for Game


Vanver Brown

Game Coding


Mariam Abdelmohsen

Front-End Web Developer


Cécile Vignau


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